The Middle Tennessee Hosta Society (“MTHS") was established in 1998. Members’   interests include hostas, shade gardening and ponds. Programs and activities are chosen that  provide a learning experience for all, whether you are new to gardening or have a hosta collection. 

Visitors are welcome!

 Februrary 28, 2019 - 5:00 p.m. - Bag and Tag Bare
        Root  Hostas for the Lawn and Garden Show
        Location: Cheekwood - Utility Room down the
                        hall from the Potter Room
            To see the Plant list and prices click here
Feel free to bring a snack or covered dish for a
potluck dinner after all our bagging is completed!
    February 28, 2019 - 6:30 p.m. - Steve Watson
        Location: Cheekwood - Potter room
        Program: Steve Watson will present a little background
                             for each Hosta we will be selling at the
                              Lawn and Garden Show.
     Visit our booth at the Nashville Lawn and Garden show
                                  We will be selling a variety of bare root Hostas!     
                       February 28 - March 3, 2019
                       The Fairgrounds Nashville


Membership in AHS is encouraged and MTHS members can earn a paid 2019 AHS membership through a point system which recognizes participation in MTHS events. The Hosta Journal (AHS) published three times each year is abundant with hosta information and photographs of national tour gardens and the latest hosta hybrids.   

On-going projects of MTHS include:

  • interesting speakers at each meeting - click on the  'Programs and Events 2019 tab on left for meeting information.
  • staging a booth at the Nashville Lawn & Garden Show, at which time bare root hostas are sold;
  • an Annual Hosta Sale, (featuring over 200 varieties) held the Saturday before Mother’s Day in the parking lot of the Maryland Farms YMCA in Brentwood, TN.
  • the 2019 Dixie Regional Hosta Convention have been released.  
    The DelMarVA society is hosting.  They have booked a Hampton Inn at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for May 3-5.  Afternoon lecture May 3rd, garden tours May 4th, and May 5th is still up in the air.  The hotel does offer free breakfast, so that can help offset some expenses with the trip.  DelMarVa is short for Delaware, Maryland,and Virginia.  Their website is
The Genus Hosta and the term “The Friendship Plant" have become synonymous.
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We look forward to meeting you at an MTHS event.